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The Manifesation Power

Keep a record of your results and how you have progressed as this will help to keep you highly motivated. Even if the results are minimal it will let you see that you are one step closer to attaining your goals and are becoming the person that you want to be. Measure yourself at the beginning of a workout. Weigh yourself and work out your BMI. How far can you run before tiring? This will keep you up to date with how you are benefiting with your new lifestyle. It will excite and motivate you if you can actually measure the benefits of your diet and fitness plan. You will not notice results each and every week. As time goes by and you lose weight it will slow down and eventually seem as though your weight loss has come to a standstill. Treat yourself as a reward, this will help to keep you on track and motivated. Healthy treats will be best. You could reward yourself with a trip when you have lost a certain weight. Especially if it is a walking trip or includes some form of exercise.

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