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Pure Natural Healing

This story is really touching because of the fact that it has always been this 'Hope' that has sustained mankind through all these years of war, epidemics and famine. Life is never a bed of roses and even if it was so there are still thorns that prick us every step of the way. Every person who has walked this earth has faced his own troubles and has suffered. There are many times we may want to give up this losing battle but as long as a person has hope he will have the strength to go on. Hope is not a magic genie who grants our wishes and it does not ensure happiness but it is a comforter. It is a place of refuge, a sanctuary for the ones on the brink of defeat. The nature of hope cannot be felt by the ones who have never been struck down by life's harshness. For a person who is successful and healthy he doesn't have any care in the world. For a person facing minor challenges all he needs is inspiration and perseverance to get through. The role of hope is much more divine. It lies dormant in a person's heart waiting to surface and shield a person in times of need. It is only during the times when everything seems lost that hope puts on its cape and comes to the rescue. You can break a person's confidence, his self esteem, his heart but as long as he has hope he can never be completely shattered. A thin ray of light for a person lost in a cave is the glimmer of hope he needs to drag himself out of the darkness. The darkness that surrounds a person can be his sorrow, despair, failure, illness or frustration but hope will always find a way to guide him through any gauntlet.

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