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Laserless Tattoo Removal 

Similarly, diets that require following a strict menu comprised of very specific ingredients can prove quite expensive. Some include ingredients such as fillet steak, lamb chops, asparagus, salmon fillet, crab, prawns, etc., all of which can be expensive and are to be eaten on quite a regular basis. Others are based upon a strictly controlled daily calorie intake. It is widely accepted that the average man requires in the region of 2500 calories per day, and women around 1800-2000. In extreme cases, however, this daily limit can be as low as 1200 calories for a man and 800 -1000 calories for women. Admittedly, these levels may be imposed for a relatively short period of time (2 - 3weeks, perhaps), but they can prove extremely challenging, particularly for those undertaking strenuous exercise on a regular basis, or for those who have a physically demanding or strenuous job.

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