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The Four Percent Group

Building long lasting relationships will pay better than customers who have been convinced to join (and will quit as soon as it doesn't work for them), as people do business with those who they like and trust. You just have to position yourself there and sell people what they are looking for in order to have success. A very common cheat in affiliate marketing is when a merchant or provider offers anyone who wishes to be an affiliate for them a free website. This does sound great. It is a well known fact that a successful affiliate does need a website. In the beginning, this is an expense that not all can afford. The problem is that unless you own the website, you do not have control over it. This is where a matter of trust must exist. Do you really think a merchant will give you all that you earned if they can avoid it? While most people are honest, it is a common business practice to get what you can for as little as you can, then resell it for as much as you can. This is how merchants make money.

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