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Foliage Garden is the flowerless garden. Do you realize that flowers aren't the only things that can bring color to your backyard? People always talk about the rose garden, the dahlia bed, the wildflower Neuropathy Recovery Program meadow when they thinks about garden but they ever seems to talk much about the leaves. But, if you look back at the woodland garden in summer, no flowers, there are only ferns and heuchera and other leafy things. The fact is Foliage garden can be beautiful alternative of garden which consist of flower. Now let's examine the differences between foods that are eaten in the West and those eaten in the East. The modern western diet is mostly processed foods nowadays. These foods have already been altered as to their properties and chemical composition that they have become indistinguishable chemically and nutritionally from their natural counterparts. Most of these so-called modern foods are rich in calories but contain very little nutrients. It is the lack of nutrients, high caloric content and chemically altered states of processed foods that are mainly responsible for the rise in obesity and chronic diseases so widespread in the West but almost unheard of in the East.

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