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In terms of initial cost Berkey is the most expensive, and many have chosen the Zen Water system because it is much cheaper. However, one needs to keep in mind that each Berkey filter can filter up to 3000 gallons of water, and that the two filters provided when you purchase a Berkey system can filter up Marz Sleep Spray to 6000 gallons! At an average of 10 gallons a week of water consumption, this comes to more than eleven years of clean water without having to buy replacement filters, and it represents a cost of less than 2 cents per gallon. So, in spite of the higher initial price, the Berkey represents a good deal for the long term. Also one need not forget that only the Berkey countertop systems kill viruses and filter fluoride. So in conclusion, if you need to purify untreated water, all three water purification systems can be effectively used as long as there is no need for fluoride filtering and the water is free of viruses.

But if you need a water purification system that can effectively treat ALL types of water, that can also eliminate viruses as well as fluoride, and that will provide the biggest $ savings over time, then you should definitely consider the Berkey.The author lives in Montreal. He worked for many years as a professional engineer for a major telecommunication company. He has written and published on various platforms many articles on technology and gadgets, healthy living and gourmet cooking.For an in depth comparison of the three best and most popular countertop water purification systems, the Berkey 

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