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Habit four: Think win-win I have to say I have always been the lose-win thinker in life and having read this part has given me great confidence to achieve my goals. I will go back to the book I am The Lost Ways writing. I have the majority of it written now and all I need to do is send off about half the portion that I have to a publisher but have a nagging voice telling me that I will never be able to compete with all the other self help books on the market and they probably wont even read it since they get about 2000 books every week for consideration. I have now decided to live win-win in order to achieve my potential.

Since I know I'm brilliant (only messing!) Habit five: Seek first to understand, then to be understood "Seeking to understand takes kindness, seeking to be understood takes courage" I liked this as it really hit home for me. I have started to use this in work when there is a debate about who has to work the early shift. Using Habit five and six together creates perfect solutions without divide and everyone comes away with a sense of having said their piece and having helped with coming up with the solution.

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