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You need water. No ifs, ands or buts, you must have clean water to survive in any emergency. Your best alternative is to find a wilderness water source.Survive In Bed Review  Without a way to purify it, you may be taking a chance. But without water at all, you have no chance. Of course, if you have some way to boil the water on your fire, you can increase your chances of having safer water. 

A survivalist always carries purification tablets in the contents of any backpack. You will need clean water in order to fix many of the freeze dried food items. Most of all, keep your senses about you. Think ahead and formulate ideas for your own protection. Have a tarp and straps to build a shelter, be prepared to purify water and have a way to build a fire. 

The list of items stored will be your first line of defense, to cook freeze dried items, catch small game for food and to prepare it. Since a basic checklist is commonly known, you can purchase a pre-made backpack or kit in a can. Don't forget simple first aid products. Small band aids, gauze and adhesive tape are awesome additions and take up very little room in the contents of your pack. For example, even you can learn how to fashion a tourniquet to stop bleeding in an accident.

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