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This is it! The way you're going to get that 6-pack and get those heads turning. Your workouts should be done short intense bursts. These explosions of energy will burn carbs and fat. Doing these types of workouts will explode your metabolism and you'll become a fat burning machine. The best way to exercise in short intense bursts is to become a sprinter. Instead of doing a 20 minute run, do 20 sec sprint and rest for 5 minutes - then repeat.

Now if you have problems with sprinting that's OK too. You can still use this sprint model on other types of exercise devices such as elliptical or exercise bikes. After the first few weeks, or even days you'll start feeling hungry even though you have your usual sized meal. This is where you need to be careful. You should eat enough to not be hungry but don't eat so much that you get full. The reason you're feeling more hungry is because your metabolism has increased significantly. If you eat like crazy right now you'll waste all your efforts. The key is to not be hungry but at the same time not gorge yourself. 

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