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Generally yields from genetically modified crops tend to be lower than conventional The Lost Ways grown crops and the GM crops use more toxic chemicals like the herbicide glyphosate. By the way glyphosate is so toxic it will kill all ordinary (natural) plants. Only transgenic plants modified to be tolerant of glyphosate will still survive and grow after being sprayed with glyphosate. According to Andrew Malone writing in the Daily Mail, it is true what Prince Charles said about thousands of farmers in the Maharashtra state, India, committing suicide after running up large debts due to the crop failure of genetically engineered pest proof varieties of cotton. The farmers were promised that the genetically engineered Bt cotton would not need pesticides, would be free of disease and insect pests. Instead their Bt cotton was devastated by the parasite pink bollworm. This was because the BT cotton is resistant to green bollworm but not pink bollworm.

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