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So, now the approach and getting an attractive girl's number. Its important that you don't approach her "cold" and just say "Hi, can I have your number?" - you need to establish rapport first. The easiest way to do this is to find something in common with her and then start talking. Start talking to her without any intentions of asking her out. 

Your approach needs to be very friendly (as in I want to be your friend) and non sexual. Women can sense a guy's intentions from a mile away and it will be written all over your face if you walk up to her with the intention of asking her out. Once you strike up a conversation try wherever you can to make her laugh. Don't let the conversation go on for too long. As soon as you proven to her that you are not some weird creep, ask her in a "by the way" kind of way whether she's like to have coffee with you some time. Don't push her too hard but if she needs a bit of encouragement don't be afraid to do so. 

 Then, take her number and wait a day or two before you make a date.We all know just how nerve wrecking that first date can be. If you really like the other person and you really want things to progress past the first date then it can add a lot of pressure. In some ways the first date is like an interview and your will get to know the other person and decide if he or she fits your idea of a boyfriend or girlfriend.

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