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Many traders prefer scalping strategies. Scalping is where an order is only kept open for a short period of time. Convergence Sniper ReviewThere are forex brokers that have strict rules on scalping, such as how long the trade has to be opened for before it can be closed. The rollover. rollover refers to the interest earned or paid on Forex positions held overnight. The rollover depends on the difference between interest rates and a currency pair fluctuates daily with the price movement. 

A rollover is negative when you sell a currency at a higher interest rate so you pay interest. A rollover is positive when you buy a currency at a higher interest rate then you earn interest. All Forex brokers do not offer positive rolls. 

 The carry trade. the carry trade strategy is very popular on the foreign exchange market, which involves borrowing in currencies with low interest rates like the yen to buy a currency at interest rates higher as the Australian dollar. This strategy makes use of rolls and also to the positive leverage. You should always remember that leverage can dramatically increase your losses and you should therefore be careful.

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