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To build your list, product launch marketing calendarou can place a newsletter subscription box on your website and allow those who are interested in your newsletter on a specific topic to register with their email address. Another way is to offer a free gift like e-book or voucher to anyone who opt into your list. Building a list allows you to collect email addresses from those who gave you permission to do so. This will make your list more targeted and allow you to get better ROI from your email campaign. 

 For businesses, there are many benefits of using email marketing. First of all, it helps you to save money. The cost of sending emails to your subscribers is very low, or sometimes is even free. All you need to do is to invest a little time and effort to create a list of follow up email messages for your subscribers. Also, email marketing allows you to see results fast, especially if you have a targeted list. And having a targeted list is like having a loyal readership. This means that you can offer your product or service to a group of interested people on demand. These are some benefits of using email marketing for businesses.

But do understand that although email marketing is cheap and fast, you need to create compelling email content in order to see results. Content is king when it comes to email marketing. If your email does not have what your subscribers want to read and call-to-action statements, you will not get good conversion. Article Source:

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