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God's presence was so tremendously felt in that little bar between us. Finally, in the end, both of us with tears in our eyes hugged each other good-bye and he left.The bar was closing and I was cashing out my tickets for the night. I came upon his credit card charge and almost fell to the floor when I read what he'd written in the "tip" space: $350.00, which brought his bill to $359.00 total! Erect On Demand Review I could pay my phone bill, rent, get the lights turned back on, and best of all get my son back, who at this moment I was missing more than ever.I never went back to that bar again. I found a day job shortly afterward and things were looking up again. I've found life is filled with ups and downs but Day DOES always follow Night. 

A new day will always bring new opportunities and God will always find you. No matter where you are, you can't hide. You see, he has earthly angels all over the place. They help him find the lost and brokenhearted.That night, I was sent an earthly angel. I entertained an angel and he entertained me, because giving IS receiving. I gave to him exactly what he needed--listening with my heart open, and he gave to me exactly what I needed. God works in funny ways. Never think you are alone, no matter the situation.So here I sit in my computer-memory room, in my nice home with a wonderful new husband and three new stepchildren.

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