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Free Credit Card Knife 

Some survival knives as the variety used in Rambo 2 certainly have there place in the world of survival. The survival kit in the handle is a good feature for sure. (Although these type of hollow handles are prone to being weaker than the solid variety) There are times with survival knives where size does matter. (how about a Machete or Bowie knife?) Truthfully, most survival experts find this knife as being over sized, heavy and difficult to control. Most of us outdoors are just out enjoying ourselves and not trying to win a war. (Single handedly) Good quality survival knives made by Case Knives or Buck Knives will do the job quite nicely. And more often then not, size does not matter. A fine example of that might be the Buck Knives - Short Nighthawk or Case Knives Stainless Steel Survival Knife. Both of these types of knives are of the shorter, solid handle variety. 


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