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Quantum Vision System

Firstly, having a full test on your eyes to be sure you are a qualified candidate for the Lasik surgery. The fact is some people with eye diseases or autoimmune diseases are not adapted to the surgery. If you are a good candidate, you should make a reservation with your doctor to know when you are going to have the operation. Almost any operation has some dos and don'ts before the surgery, so following the instructions is necessary to achieve the satisfied result. Remember what you are not allowed to eat or drink before the surgery.Secondly, on the day you go to take the surgery, you are not permitted to wear any make-ups, like the lipstick and facial creams, even the perfume, because the contaminants may enter your eyes and induce the eye infection during the surgery, leading to unfavorable post-surgical result. Some surgery centers regulate that at least three days with no make-ups before the surgery to make sure there is no reminder on your face. If the doctor finds that your face is not clean enough, he may cancel the surgery. Thirdly, you are supposed to consider the transportation after the surgery. As your vision is not suitable for driving right after the surgery, you'd better make a book on your journey back home or ask someone else to take you back home. Besides, in the early few days after the surgery, your vision does not recover well. If your work requires physical activity or you have to stare at the objects for a long time, you are suggested to ask for sick leave to protect your fragile eyes.Lastly, during the recovery period, you are strongly advised to go to see the doctor frequently to know your eye condition well. If there is any complication, you can make a repair at once, like having an enhancement surgery. Moreover, Lasik surgery is a way to improve your vision, but it does not say you can enjoy the 20/40 vision after the surgery or you can take off the eyeglasses completely. Therefore, do not feel frustrated when you find you still have to wear the eyeglasses.

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