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This article provides over 50 tips that you can apply when playing Halo 4 War Games. My advices ranges greatly from how to best utilize power weapons to how to maximize the effect of your grenades. I further discuss in detail how to create the optimum loadout for War Games and how to gain experience with maximum efficiency. Experienced and inexperienced players alike will both benefit greatly from the strategies and tactics that I present in this article.

This article provides you with the major differences between Halo Reach and Halo 4. It briefly describes the ideal loadout, each of the enemies, and all of the old and new weapons, including the best strategies to go along with all of these. Experienced Halo Reach players will benefit most from this article, but players new to the franchise could benefit from this brief introduction as well before they play. Notice that this article only focuses on the campaign and Spartan Ops, you will find no advice for matchmaking here. 

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