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With this type of contract, you stand to benefit from fixed payouts of about 70 percent as long as the underlying prices of the asset or stock are retained by the time it expires. Time of expiry can be within an hour's time, week or month from the time you enter the trade. Therefore, you stand to receive 70 percent of your Cash Formula investment in a matter of one hour, provided the price of the asset are above the assets price from the time the investor entered the trade (a call option) or when the price of the asset is below the asset price (a put option).If you consider buying a leading stock for $130 when the stock is valued as $126, you may need to pay $90 for one contract. For the contract to be 70 percent more in one hour, the price of the asset would have to rise to about $3 within one hour. This is highly possible. However, even if the outcome does happen, it is difficult to predict the movement of the price within a short time.

When it comes to options in trading, many people are at least familiar with the standard or American contract. Traders buy puts and calls on the stocks of their choice and use the additional buying power to increase returns substantially. When market moves are favorable this sort of investment can work out very profitably, with profits multiplied by anywhere from two to ten times (or more) depending on the security purchased. The drawbacks to using options in trading this way mainly revolve around relatively high transaction costs and the risk of being under-capitalized. Costs eat into profits and under-funded accounts can find themselves over-drawn if cash or positions at contract expiration are not managed properly.  

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