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The industry standard for publication design has been set for the last decade by Adobe Indesign. When contemplating design and publication, the images, text and diagrams are the basics considered. Adobe Indesign CS6 publication software provides layouts and user-friendly features so that the process is made much easier for you. Adobe can handle everything to do with your layout and in the best ways in comparison with its competition. One thing to consider is to maximize your publication potential, you will need to have access to other Adobe software as well. For example, you might want to use Adobe Photoshop when preparing the final touches on any images, and most people would use Adobe Illustrator when designing diagrams, even though there is less involved software within the Indesign program to do your diagrams alone. Indesign is more for the management aspect and publication aspect of your diagrams. When it comes to adding text to your publications, which of course will be frequently, you can either produce the text within the program or import again any text of any size or font to the Indesign program for management and tweaking. As for the actual publication process you have quite a variety of options, including publishing as a PDF or the placement of your material into a content management system. The use of a commercial printer can be implemented, and you can also publish your material as en eBook or as an application or "app." As you are setting up your publication, you have a choice with your images of either using a bitmap or vector program. Ideally, you're going to use a bitmap program for a majority of your regular images, and an example of this program is Adobe Photoshop, where images are broken down to pixels.

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