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Have you heard of the latest multi-marketing company.... Arbonne. Unfortunately, people hear Arbonne is a MLM and immediately question if it is a pyramid or ponzi scheme or scam. In addition, potential customers will be skeptical because they believe your product is overpriced,you have Cellulite Disappear Review exaggerated its effectiveness to justify the cost and they strongly believe your #1 goal is to make a profit. Arbonne International LLC was founded in 1980 by Patter Monk. It is based in the United States however its research is conduced in Switzerland. Arbonne distributes personal care products in 3 countries the United States,Canada and Australia. Actually, Arbonne started out promoting skin care products moved into selling personal care products and today has included dietary supplements.

Now, that we are in a recession more and more people are looking for a legitimate at home business opportunity and want the facts. Basically, Arbonne is similar to many of the other established national or international MLM companies.As with most home based businesses there is a start up fee in order to become a distributor. After you become a distributor anyone that signs up after you as an IBO will become part of your down line. Next, as with most of the traditional MLM companies they encourage you to draw customers in from your warm market. This means harassing family,friends,anyone within 3ft of you and anyone that will listen. In addition to, meetings and even parties to ram your product down their throats. All of which are highly ineffective ways to promote yourself and product. Today, more and more network marketers are learning how to market on line using attraction marketing-Web 2.0. The concept is the exact opposite....the prospect pursues you. 

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