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There are at least two opposing versions of what can be regarded as the indicator of general health conditions and physical fitness. The first one, a more modern western concept, The Achievable Body Review puts the emphasis on the strength of muscles. Bodybuilding is therefore a key element to this perspective. The ancient eastern concept, puts the emphasis on stretching rather than on strength; on harmony between physical and spiritual element within ourselves and not the outer body.

Hatha yoga is the best example of a "sport" of this second kind. If we take this second concept seriously, then where do we place pilates? Although pilates makes use of many different machines to achieve its goals, its basic aim and methodology is a bit closer to that of yoga than to that of bodybuilding. For those of you who prefer to exercise at home, here is a short list of pilates home gym machines. 

All of them can be used at home: reformer, Pedipull , resistance bands, Cadillac, barrel and chair. To understand the differences between them I recommend buying a pilates DVD from one of the online stores. That way you'll get to know the machines and exercises and it will be faster than searching and reading articles online. http://theachievablebodyblueprintreview.com/

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