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  support its own weight and brain plus iq walk with or without assistance. Nurses and brain plus iq rehabilitation therapists help patients who are able to perform increasingly complex and demanding tasks, such as bathing, dressing and toileting, and encourage them to start using their members affected by the stroke while participating in these tasks . Begin to regain the ability to carry out these brain plus iq basic activities of daily living it represents the first stage of the return stroke survivor independence. For some stroke survivors, rehabilitation will be an ongoing process to maintain and refine skills and could involve working with specialists for months or years after the stroke. Return to top of page What disabilities resulting from a stroke? The types and brain plus iq degrees of disability that follow a stroke depend on which area of the brain is damaged and how much has been damaged. It is difficult to compare individual disability to another, as each stroke can damage parts and slightly different amounts of the brain. Generally.

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