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Finally, join or start a mastermind group. It sounds sinister, but it is actually a group of 6 or 7 people who meet regularly to help each other access the Law of Attraction (strength in numbers). The meetings can be in person, by phone or over the Internet. The book gives details on how to run the The Amazing You Review meetings. As with any group, those who don't take it seriously, or are frequently absent, should be quietly dropped.It does not get much easier than this. It is very easy to read and follow, it is full of information that anyone can use, and is greatly recommended.There will be days when, despite your best efforts, it does not seem to be working. Set aside a day where you pledge not to say anything negative about anyone or anything. If that is not possible, start with an hour at a time. Changing your beliefs and attitudes, to be a more positive person, will take practice, but it is very much worth it. 

Another idea is to pretend that all your dreams and wishes have been fulfilled. Write a letter to God, Spirit, the Universe, etc., saying thank you for your good fortune.For me, this book took me the longest to read out of all the books even though it was the smallest. When I started the book, I felt that he wasn't making sense and at the time I was having to sort some things out in my life which I feel were clouding my concentrating on the book. I m not making excuses, just stating my awareness at what was going on for me. I re-read the book tonight in the gym. I made myself read it right to the end by not allowing myself off the exercise bike till I finished it. You never saw me concentrate so much! This time round I got a lot more out it in fact, I understood it and have realised that while, I have most of the laws very much in my life, I never realised how oblivious I was to the others. 

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