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The dandelion is the only plant that completely signifies the three heavenly bodies, we often see: the sun (the yellow-colored flower), the moon (the puff ball), and the stars (seeds dispersed). But no matter how amazing this plant is, it's regarded as a weed; and an annoying one, due to its persistence. No matter how many times you pull it out, it refuses to die due to its restorative abilities. definitely grows back again. Now, gardeners are trying all kinds of strategies to remove this weed, but in this article, we're going to tell you to stop, and think about the things that you can do with this incredible plant. Dandelion offers lots of benefits: it - helps control cholesterol levels, regulates blood sugar and insulin levels, reduces stress,enhances bone health and can be used topically as a natural skin care ingredient.. Here are a few benefits that we think are most notable.

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