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The question "can Gluco Health insomnia cause diabetes" can stir debate among medical professionals. While there is plenty of evidence that people with diabetes may experience periods of insomnia, is it true that insomnia can actually cause diabetes in otherwise healthy people? The findings in a study published in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology may surprise many people. 

While the study was admittedly small compared to most medical studies, it did provide some insight into the question can insomnia cause diabetes. Many people understand the link between being overweight and developing diabetes.

Also, those with a family history of the disease are much more likely to develop it at some point in their lives. So diabetes can cause insomnia, but how can insomnia cause diabetes? The study mentioned above found that if the adults being studied were otherwise healthy that the ability of the body to process insulin was diminished in those who did not get enough sleep. 


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