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The Language of Lust Review When it comes to dating beautiful and sexy women, self-confidence is the most important factor. Every woman will agree that the most attractive quality of a man is his confidence. You will certainly want the kind of confidence to approach any woman you desire without fear or hesitation. Most people have never come across the concept of inner self. It is not really a tangible concept but rather an idea in your head about how you perceive yourself to be. It is the belief in yourself about a particular aspect of life. It is this belief that shapes your life. Your belief about yourself is the most important factor in approaching beautiful and sexy women. You need to first forget your own beliefs in the past that did not help you.

You need to deal with your own insecurity issues, the most common ones are: To deal with these insecurity issues, first you have to understand that, like most men out there, we all come across the same fears when trying to attract a woman. We worry about what the beautiful and sexy women are thinking or how they will react to what we say, therefore we use our logic to rationalize our behavior. But in doing this, we immediately display a flaw that women can instinctively smell. 


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