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The system of adding a mobile phone ring tone to a specific model of mobile phone is also very easy. For instance, Nokia uses three different systems or formats to transfer mobile phone ring tones to their particular models of mobile phones. These three formats are the RTTTL format, Nokia Binary format and the use of a Nokia composer. Depending on the specific type of format used in a particular model of handset, different methods are used to transfer the mobile phone ring tones to the Nokia handsets. For instance, in the first case, users need to connect their phones to the computer through a data cable or an infrared communication device. Then they can use special RTTTL transfer software to transfer the Nokia ring tones to their handsets. Some older models of mobile phones from Nokia are using a melody composer program, wherein users can punch a ring tone directly using the keypad of the handset. Such types of Nokia ring tones that use Keypress sequences are available with several online providers of mobile content. Sony Ericsson keypress ring tones, Panasonic key press ring tones, etc, are also available that can be used to enhance the feel of a mobile phone handset to a significant extent.

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