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Electricity Freedom System Review I hope after reading this article you will see as I have that the solar power advantages far outweigh the solar power disadvantages. We as a people need to take the issue of energy independence seriously and realize we can make a difference. One of the best solar power advantages, is the sun. The sun cost nothing to use. It is more dependable than oil and it is not political. 

If we are able to harness the energy from the sun, we remove ourselves from the whims of others such as market profiteers, sheiks and governmental budgets. What a relief? Another of the advantages is solar panels. Solar panels are virtually maintenance free, there are no moving parts. They last a long time, so any initial investment is paid for over and over again. The technology for solar panels is marching, so cost is becoming a non-issue. The panels are affordable by for more home owners than ever before.

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