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Other reasons to consider using video is that Google loves them and so do web visitors. They are more entertaining then regular articles. People are Pixel Studio FX 2.0 used to this medium and thus respond in a positive manner. This is especially true of people in the United States. Americans spend hours in front of the television and are used to getting information this way. A good marketing video can be an excellent tool to drive traffic to a website or blog. A bad marketing video will simply be a waste of everyone's time that is involved, the creator of the video and the viewer. Simply throwing together a video is not enough to generate interest in your website. If your video is not well put together viewers won't even waste their time watching it. They will simply close it out and forget about you and your website. To avoid creating a video that gets you absolutely no where, you need to be aware of what not to do. Below, we will discuss how to create an internet marketing video that sucks. If you implement any of these "strategies" your video marketing efforts will likely fail.

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