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It is known that erectile dysfunction which is also referred to as impotency affects the sexual health of more than 160 million male worldwide. The consequences of ED are faults in a mental, emotion and physical manner by the diseased person and their partners. Alternative solutions provide a lot of choice in aiding males conquer this frustrating period in the comfort of their home. It is the natural remedy to fix erectile dysfunction without the use of drugs. Step 1 Use of l-arginine: Fishes like mackerel are safe way of getting l-arginine into our body. You need to enhance the consumption of l-arginine. Your system utilizes its amino acid to generate nitric oxide. This nutrient will enable the repose of soft muscles bordering the blood vessels of your penis, expanding and enhancing the flow of blood.

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The increment of flow of blood will aid you to gain a hard erection. Some of the sources of foods which you can eat to get enough of l-arginine in your body are diary foods, meat and poultry. You can as well get it in a capsule form to take as a diet supplement. It is important for you to know that too much dosages of l-arginine can cause you running stomach, thus stepping up the generation of gasrin. Gastrin is the hormone which acts to generate stomach acid. If you are a sufferer of ulcer, it will aggravate the condition. Try to use your intelligence when making use of this solution. Though it is an effect home remedy for erectile dysfunction, but it also has its own respective side effects. 


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