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While it is still early to determine how the iPAD will change the promotions landscape, we expect retailers will require changes to their planning and promotions workflow and therefore to the systems that support their promotions process. With this new opportunity, retailers will have access to just-in-time promotional vehicles. Therefore, retailers should think about how long it takes for them to create an ad campaign. Now is the time for taking action to shorten the ad production cycle with new and improved systems that automates as much of their process as possible. If you have a new business as I do or are thinking of starting one, you'd better be thinking of how you are going to sell yourself to potential customers. This is not the Field of Dreams where "if you build it they will come." You must market yourself and your business. Fortunately, there are several small yet powerful actions that you can take to establish yourself as a true player in the market no matter your size or your cash flow.

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