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If that sounds confusing to you, don't worry, you can learn more when you check out the presentation link found at the bottom of this article.What Separates Numis From Other MLM Companies? - In one word, the product. Numis has done something that has never been done before. The greatest thing about the company is that your autoship is something that actually goes up in value and is worth something. It's not like an expensive 'super juice' or overpriced vitamin supplement  Prizm Review that gets expended every single month! In order to be eligible for commissions all you have to do is get silver and gold delivered to your home each month. Now who wouldn't want to do that?In regards to marketing the product, it will be much easier compared to some other products being sold via the network marketing model. 

Imagine selling gold and silver coins or selling $150 worth of juice each month. Which one do you think would be easier? Which one do you think people would want to purchase? Can You Fully Support Your Product, Even If You Weren't Tied To The Business Opportunity? - This is by far the most important question you must ask yourself before you join any MLM company. If you can't support the product your company sells 100%, how in the world can you expect anyone else to? How Much Does It Cost To Get Started? - This article isn't holding anything back, so let's talk about price. In order to eligible to earn commissions you need to join Numis at the executive level of only $495. Your monthly autoship will cost only $110 and gets you full access to all the business building tools and 'Silver Coin of the Month' club.

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