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Claudia Brownlie is so confident with her Hypertufa How To Manual that she is even offering a very generous sixty day money back guarantee, though I doubt you will need it. Once you get your hands on the information in the Hypertufa How To Manual, I doubt you will be willing to let it go. However, if it should be DIY Smart Saw true that you have some dissatisfaction with the product, you have 60 days to have your money returned -- more than enough time to decide if you like the product or not. Not only will you receive a full refund, but you will also get it without any questions as to why you want a refund. Claudia Brownlie wants you to enjoy her eBook, and if for some reason you do not then she is more than happy to refund your money, no questions asked. Be sure you check out the decoupage bracelet; who thought of creating a way to remember wallpaper or paint.

The handmade birthstone jewelry was very personal and I liked these much more than pre-made, pre-formed standard pieces. Yes, the mini memory book pendant was a bit too trite for me, but other scrapbookers might love the concept. Creating beads from special paper, such as gift wrap, or napkins from your baby shower was another neat idea others might like, but not exactly my cup of tea. Cathy describes a reward bracelet----I liked using this for myself, adding a bead for each POUND lost on my diet, and maybe a slightly larger one for every 5 lbs. That is a prime example of how you may look at one of her designs and immediately see a new and innovative way to turn it into your own project.  

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