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So, I recommend that you go outside in the clothes you have opted to wear and move around for a few minutes to make sure you're dressed warmly enough. Swing your arms and turn in a circle to make sure the cool air doesn't sneak in through any gaps in your outfit. Remember to shake your head to make sure your ears are protected - too much cold air in Sistema Libertad Para La Disfunción Eréctil your ears can lead to earaches. Also, take several deep breaths, noticing how the cold air feels on your throat, your nose, and your lungs. If it is painful to breathe deeply, I recommend wearing a scarf or a turtleneck that will cover your nose and mouth, warming the air you inhale. 

Open and close your hands and wave them through the air to make sure that you won't wish for warmer gloves. Also, remember that the majority of our body heat is lost through the top of our heads, so decide if a hat is needed. Notice if the wind is blowing, if it is cloudy, or if the sun is shining brightly. Then go back inside and change your clothes if necessary.And as always, if you choose to exercise inside where it's warm, you will have multiple options to keep you fit - treadmills, stationary bikes, indoor pools, etc... See if your neighborhood gym offers a three or six month membership, or buy some equipment for your home - you may find a use for it again when the summer heat is at its worst. Whether spring, summer, fall, or winter, maintaining an exercise routine is all about making it a priority.

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