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Capture His Heart

Throughout the ages men have been coupled with ladies many years younger. Some men feel uncomfortable with this while the vast majority of men find the idea to be exciting. Gaining the admiration of a much younger woman is not that difficult if the young woman is open to the idea of being with an older man from the start. If a man is looking to learn how to attract younger women for the first time, he needs to pay attention to a few key points. There are a few general guidelines that should be adhered to when seeking the admiration of a younger woman.

A woman tends to be interested in an older man who listens to what she says, does what he says he is going to do, and is more interested in her than anything else. This means dropping whatever he is doing to haul a piece of furniture in his truck for her, offering to pay to have her pet spayed or neutered, or changing the wiper blades on her car. Women who are extremely attractive are told they are beautiful all the time. A younger woman wants to be able to carry on an intelligent conversation about anything from politics to taco trucks. After a short period of time has passed, like a week or so, hearing over-used compliments begin to carry more weight. 


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