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Gestational diabetes is a serious danger to any children who suffer from the consequences of their mother brings a variety of factors. Most affected by the problems of the developing fetus is very important to regulate the amount of sugar and high blood sugar levels, which is an effect. This is because both uncontrolled birth Diabetes Destroyer defects and fetal death in pregnancy increases the risks of the disease that does not include the pre-diabetes or diabetes applies to both women. One of the serious problems associated with diabetes in the mother and its high levels of sugar in the blood, which increases the acidity of the blood caused by kittoacitocic is. 

Infant mortality rates are high in acid system, the function of these issues can be increased with 50% fetal enzyme anymore. Another key factor for diabetes pregnancy in cases of fetal mortality rate is a risk of birth defects. This risk factor for diabetes, which is 5 to 10 percent of all pregnancies occurs. Medical research has increased the risk of birth defects during the first part of pregnancy that includes high blood sugar levels brought about by many factors shows that. Heart, central nervous system and aids in the marrow of the fetus can be affected. Septal defects, with the narrowing of the age, and the switch from gestational diabetes are at increased risk of major blood vessels that are all fetal heart defects.

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