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The internet is the cheapest market platform available, and your business can reach so many people - significantly more than with just a listing in the local newspaper or a telephone book. This is why the big corporations are always marketing their goods and products. Of course they have the revenue to change their websites constantly and build new ones for new products, but this can also be done with a local business. You have to keep your ideas and website up to date, respond to any queries and always keep your customers in mind.You can think if it in terms of re-igniting the spark of your business. A brand new website can showcase so many things and shows that you are up to date. You can include a history of your local business or product; include testimonials, set up a mailing list so that you can send out monthly/bi-weekly emails with any new products or promotions for your business. Your website could even include a section where your customers print out discount vouchers. You have to be imaginative and come up with new ideas.

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