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Although the most famous episode in Cardiff Castle's history was the imprisonment of Robert, Duke of Normandy by his brother Henry I, the King of England, the castle's past is filled with such troubled moments. One of the major revolts of the Welsh in 1183-1184 brought severe damage to the castle ED Conqueror walls and also to the town nearby. The problems persisted until Wales was unified under Llywelyn the Last, a charismatic Welsh leader, in 1270. At that point the castle was refortified by Gilbert de Clare in fear of further rebellion. The Despenser family, notorious in Britain for their love of conflict, took hold of Cardiff Castle in 1306 and kept it for a hundred years. 

During this time they imprisoned daring Welsh hero Llywelyn Bren who had instigated a riot against the English lords and brutally killed him against the direct order of the king. His death was avenged during the rebellions of Owain Glyndwr of the 15th century when the castle was assaulted. A more peaceful time in Cardiff Castle's history came under the Beauchamps family, earls of Warwick when rebellions ended and the lords of the castle were more preoccupied with improving the castle itself and the buildings around it. 

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