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Firstly it is essential you decide on what you intend to keep in your aquarium. This is important as you will need to use a synthetic salt mix powder which will mix with your RO-DI water to create the proper conditions for your intended stock. If you decide on a soft coral reef then the levels will not need as much attention as a hard coral SPS reef. There are literally dozens of types of synthetic salts available in stores today and most of them are completely different in the elements they provide. Steal My System For instance one type of synthetic salt will have a high calcium and alkalinity level compared to another type of synthetic salt. When you first set up your new saltwater aquarium these parameters/elements won't be too much of an issue. Testing for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate is a priority, rather than calcium, magnesium and alkalinity. When you have decided on your type of biotope and are happy to commit fully to it, then it's time to work out what the levels will need to be. 

Obviously it is best to try to re-create natural sea water levels so our prized livestock will thrive, but unfortunately our little glass boxes are nothing like the ocean. The ocean is a massive volume of water which never gets dirty or suddenly gets saturated with ammonia and of course does not need to be replaced regularly. Due to the fact the corals in our tanks will deplete some of the parameter levels, we will need to replenish these ourselves. Let's assume hypothetically we have a 75 gallon mixed reef aquarium with a mixture of hard and soft corals. Firstly I would suggest a synthetic reef salt with a decent level of magnesium, calcium and alkalinity. A mix like D&D H20, Red Sea Pro Reef or Tropic Marin Pro Reef would be a good choice. With regular water changes the parameters may not need much attention. Perhaps dosing occasionally via a 2 part or just kalkwasser may be enough to maintain this type of reef with the regular water changes. This would depend of course on regular testing of parameters via test kits.

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