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 Estiramiento4 How and when to stretch We can not only stretch the muscles at the end of a workout in the gym or running to finish our training, but also can spend a few minutes in the office to stretch our muscles, or, in the afternoon to finish the workday. Testo vital As told in Viton , when the atmosphere is warm and evening , before the night, flexibility is superior and therefore are ideal times for stretching. But besides stretching and remember to choose the right moments to make, it is important to remember some valuable tips to stretch ** ** properly: There should never be pain , but only in performing stretching must perceive a muscle strain, a resistance, but the pain may be indicative of injury, which is certainly no sign of being doing a good job. No bounce for a stretch or perform exercises with momentum or pulls, but the movement must be controlled and the tension must be held for approximately 20 seconds, always doing the exercise gently and gradually. 


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