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 At one time or another we La Diete 3 Semaines have all experienced the unpleasant discomfort of having an ear ache. According to the 2001 National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey, over 9.4 million Americans visited a physician's office because of either an ear ache or ear infection. This large number of people accounted for doesn't include all of us who just "suffered" through our ear ache without going to see a doctor. With such a common ailment, there must be some sort of remedy out there, right? In this article I will show you the basic symptoms associated with ear aches and some simple ideas for what you can do to prevent you and your loved ones from experiencing this awful feeling associated from having an ear ache. What causes an ear ache? While ear aches are most commonly found in children, they are something that everyone experiences at one time or another. The most common causes of ear aches are otitis media, an infection of the middle ear, or otitis externa, an inflammation of the outer ear canal. Ear aches are usually caused by either a minor injury to the ear canal or by fluid that becomes trapped in the inner ear. Swimming, bathing, or just by using those all so common cotton-tipped swabs can cause bacteria to grow and lead to discomfort and pain in the ear canal. This can lead to a swelling of the Eustachian tube (a small tube that connects the ear to the nose that regulates the pressure in the ear). As the Eustachian tube swells it can no longer drain through the nose and throat and the pressure in the ear will then build up causing extreme discomfort and pain. Ear aches are usually result from a complication to a cold and are not contagious.

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