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Here is an example of just a few such items: "Fishing kit (a 35mm film canister); bobbin wrapped with 20lb. test fishing line, 5 bobbers, 9 weights, 6 swivels, 40 hooks, 2 fly lures. A pouch holds the fishing and first aid kits listed above, plus: plastic survival cards, Swiss Army knife, sharpening stone, liquid filled compass, roll of waxed cord (dental floss), roll of 20lb. Test monofilament, roll of copper wire (out of a transistor radio), roll of cord, P-38 can opener, vial of multi-vitamins, a heavy Zip-loc bag, flint rod, wire saw, signal mirror, snake bite kit, 

water purification tablets, waterproof match case (with a flint rod on the bottom), birthday candles (the trick kind that are hard to put out), small disposable lighter." You must know that in the event of a natural or man-made disaster, the grocery stores will be emptied out in a matter of hours. Many Americans will be left with only what is in their pantries, which in most cases is not much at all. 

I have a two month's supply of water and a two year supply of food. My food storage contains items like powdered eggs, canned butter, canned cheese, canned meats, tuna, rice and several types of dried beans, canned flour, cornmeal, oatmeal, raisins, dried fruits, etc. These are all items that do not require refrigeration.

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