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In the beginning stages, don't be surprised if each time you wake up after a workout session the previous day, you experience this unwanted soreness. As time progresses soreness should not occur. It's a great sign you are getting stronger. 4. Your Resting Heart Rate Is Lower Than When You Started Working Out. Take a few minutes to test your resting pulse rate. What does it come in at? If it's lower than it was when you first started working out, that's another clear sign of progress. 

A lower pulse means your heart has to work less hard to pump blood all around your body, improving your overall cardiovascular fitness level. 5. You Are Less Fatigued By Day's End. Finally, the last sign you are making significant progress is when you notice you don't fatigue nearly as fast as you did and by day's end you still have energy left. Compare this to when you first started, when you may have been dragging your feet as the day progressed. All in all, if you see any of these positive signs taking place, that's a good indication you are heading in the right direction. Don't just rely on the number on the scale to dictate how successful you feel. 

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