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Hair Rejuvenator Program Hair grows at different rates on everyone, but on average tresses will grow at a rate of half an inch per month. Healthy tresses are created the same way a healthy body is so it's another reason to take better care of your health. Here are some things you can do to help grow out your hair faster. If you are eating a healthy diet while minimizing fat and sugar intake will keep your body and hair healthy and strong. Also add more protein to your diet as hair is mostly made up of it.

Always get plenty of rest and make sure you are sleeping as many hours as possible-usually eight hours a day is sufficient. The body needs this time to rejuvenate itself. And this encourages your tresses to grow as well. If you smoke either cut back or quit entirely. Also minimize your intake of sodas and any type of caffeine including coffee.Get lots of exercise; it is not only great for your body and health it's great for your tresses too. It promotes blood flow through the body and scalp helping you to grow out your hair faster. 

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