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Total Money Magnetism

As the money came pouring in, we were then asked to notice what we were thinking, feeling, and experiencing. I fully expected to feel joyful with my arms open wide with excitement for myself and all the good I might do in the world. Instead, my arms went up to block some of the flow. What a surprise! I realized that success and money meant more responsibilities and commitments and I already had plenty to do! Working more deeply with my beliefs around money and success helped me to shift my thinking so that I could attract more abundance into my life with having to add more stress by hiring people to help! Some worthiness issues also popped up to show me I had some further inner healing to do. Success is life changing, personally and professionally. Success brings losses and gains such as saying goodbye to friends, making new ones, changing your lifestyle, becoming more visible and well known. Great success can go to your head and have a negative impact. Look at some of the struggles celebrities have had with their successes. Success can also be isolating and lonely when people feel they need to look and show up a certain way for others because of the roles we take on in our personal and professional life as parent, father, wife, mother, boss, CEO... You know the old saying, "It's lonely at the top."

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