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Diabetes Reducer On your initial list of things you'll need to do, right at the top should be to ask your doctor for a prescription to attend a comprehensive diabetes education class. The American Diabetes Association recommends ten hours of diabetes education within the first year of being diagnosed. I tell patients that I cannot imagine them taking good care of their diabetes without first attending a comprehensive diabetes class. You will want to make sure that you receive comprehensive training taught by only certified diabetes educators, not wellness coaches or well meaning lay people with limited diabetes knowledge, anything less and you are being short changed. Everything can be alright Get educated about diabetes, follow your doctor's advice and stay motivated to do the right things. In spite of what you may of heard or seen, people with diabetes can do quite well and live a long and healthy life. 

Milt Bedingfield is a certified diabetes educator and exercise physiologist. Milt received his graduate degree in exercise physiology from The University of South Florida in 1988. Milt has been teaching people with diabetes about the disease and how to care for it for the last 18 years. Milt was in charge of overseeing an in-house exercise program for people with diabetes from 2000-2006. Over 500 people went through the program during that time.

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