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The oral glucose acceptance examination measures sugar scale in the blood after fasting overnight. Sugary solution is taken two hours after and then test is done again for blood sugar. If the sugar scale ranges from 140 to 199, you are suffering from diabetes. 11 Day Diabetes Fix If someone has risk factors which include of having members of the family suffering from diabetes, having elevated blood pressure, being overweight, being smokers, high or low cholesterol levels, high triglycerides, heavy utilization of alcohol and acquiring diabetes in time of pregnancy. Anybody having polycystic ovary disorder must be examined every year. Pre-diabetes is curable and easy to treat. You can avoid from acquiring pre-diabetes by means of doing exercises; thirty to sixty minutes of exercise every day. Prevent from smoking and limit use of alcohol. 

Avoid processed, sugary and fatty food and drinks and also eat little portion sizes. Above all, eat healthy diet which includes fruit, whole grain, dried beans, fish, non-starchy vegetables, lean meat and dairy without fat. If you follow these healthy lifestyles pre-diabetes will be prevented and treated as well. The doctor may prescribe medications to reduce blood sugar, if pre-diabetes is persistent. Glucophage or Precose can be given to lower blood sugar level. Low-dose aspirin is also given to safeguard your heart. Elevated blood sugar and cholesterol medications can also be prescribed. 


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