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Those who have normal pressure may not feel as if they need to know what the natural ways are. But for those who wonder or whose lifestyles aren't so healthy, here are a few tips that will hopefully help you discover natural ways, eating a nutritionally balanced diet that has a limited amount of salt (sodium) and alcohol Blood Pressure Protocol  can help keep your pressure normal. Being active routinely, and maintaining a healthy weight also directly affects blood pressure, it is also always recommended that you stop smoking if you're a smoker and not start smoking if you're not. Finally, managing your stress levels can be one of the greatest contributors to prevent the pressure of your blood from rising. If however it has already been determined that you have hbp, there are things you can do to prevent long-term issues it can cause. Whose pressure is normal still applies to those with high blood pressure; it is also recommended that you stick to the treatment prescribed by your physician. Treatments have been credited with preventing long-term damage or at least delaying the onset of stroke, kidney disease or coronary heart disease. Although treatment offers some control, it will not be a cure; halting the treatments prescribed at any time will increase the chances of developing the many health problems connected to your pressure.

If you experience any side effects to your medication it is imperative that you inform your physician and not just stop taking the medicine without having something new prescribed for you, or without informing your physician. Be certain to obtain a devise that will check your levels for you, this will empower you to know if your pressure is rising or falling beyond what it should be and if you should contact your doctor. Keeping a regular diary of the rate your pressure is at can help your doctor keep track of what is happening in-between visits. Your physician and online searches to trusted sites can be a great way to gather information on such natural cures. 

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