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The very existence of worrying stress is confirmation that better ways of approaching and handling the situation need to be found. Stressful problems must be rectified or they will make us miserable emotionally and will very likely manifest physically. The vehicles for this physical manifestation being our nervous and endocrine systems, which form the link between thought and the physical. Suppressed emotions result in physical disease as well as mental disease.  Yoga Burn System Review Two of the more common conditions which are easily related to stress are ulcers and hypochlorhydria. These are often the direct result of emotional and physical stress.You will recognise that these complaints result in pain and poor digestion and will eventually have an effect on every cell within our body. In recognising the stress - emotional link between the mind and the body, healing must be initiated on both levels. 

If stress is an identifiable component of most physical problems then every effort must be made to deal with problems emotionally as well as physically. Dietary intervention is also essential. Dietary indiscretions will be a major factor in maintaining any illness, however it may not be the main issue. If we use ulcers as an example: too only modify the diet would be to treat only half (or less) of the problem. This would not be getting at the cause which may be dissatisfaction with their job or relationship, or just an inability to cope with life as they see it.To pursue the example of ulcers a little further; we know that they are usually caused by stress. We also know that people under stress are likely to drink alcohol and coffee to try and cope with their stress. Foods that are sugary, fatty and salty are also tasty and satisfying and make a great "pick me up" when we are down or depressed. These foods are popular with ulcer sufferers. So, stress has contributed to the ulcer and has also been a major reason for our choice of inappropriate foods.

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