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U.S. Patent Law provides that patent rights should belong to the inventor who is the first to invent the invention. Patent rights include the right to exclude others from, among other things, making, using, or selling the invention. Before other companies or individuals can make, use, or Disfuncion Erectil Soluciones Naturales sell a patented product, they have to seek permission or license from the patent holder or the patent holder can enforce his rights in a court of law.In determining who the first to invent is, the "date of conception," the "reasonable diligence," and the "date of reduction to practice" are considered. All these terms are terms of the art used by patent attorneys but are explained in general here. The "date of conception" means the date when the idea was first thought about or when the inventor's light bulb first sparked on the subject.

The "date of reduction to practice" means the date when the inventor first formed a concrete and at least minimally useful form of the idea.It can also mean the date an inventor files an application that enables a person of ordinary skill to make and use the invention based on reading the application (also referred to as an "enabling disclosure"). After the date of conception, the inventor has to exercise reasonable diligence to reduce the invention to practice, which means the inventor has to be diligent in creating a prototype or an enabling disclosure. 

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